Bluetooth PIN numbers are required when pairing legacy Bluetooth EDR devices with your operating system to use Serial Port Profile (SPP). They are not required for the Airconsole-LE.

The Airconsole-LE is a single-mode Bluetooth LE device - the Bluetooth 4.0 LE specification does not support legacy Bluetooth profiles such as Serial Port Profile (SPP) as it is based on GATT which allows developers to specify their own characteristics.

The Bluetooth 4.0 specification which intruded the "LE" mode also updated the security mechanism to add Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) which greatly simplifies connecting to Bluetooth devices. In most cases Bluetooth 4.0 "LE" devices will not require any PIN number at all to communicate.

The Airconsole-LE uses SecureSimplePairing in "Just-Works" mode which does not require a PIN - this is why no PIN number is supplied with the Airconsole-LE. It is not supplied as there is no PIN and no PIN is needed.

For more information on the new security modes available in Bluetooth 4.0 and above please refer to the table supplied by the Bluetooth SIG (see attachment below). The Airconsole-LE is a NoInputNoOutput class device in the table in the document.

If your operating system is asking you for a PIN for your Airconsole-LE, then it is is likely you are doing something wrong. Exit out of the operating system configuration page which is prompting you for a PIN and launch the appropriate app

Windows: Launch AirconsoleConnectLE - see the full instructions here 

Mac OSX: Launch AirconsoleOSX - see the full instructions here 

iOS / iPhone / iPad: Install and launch Get-Console from the App Store -

Android: Install and launch Get-Console from the Google Play Store -