If your using AirconsoleOSX to create a virtual tty line (/dev/tty.Airconsole-1), and then connecting to it with screen, beware that a previous session of screen may have the device locked.

When this happens you may see a message like:

To fix this run the following command in the terminal to find the screen process that current has a lock on the Airconsole-1 tty line. This command may take a while to run.

Simons-MacBook-Pro-2018:~ simonhope$ lsof | grep Airconsole-1

screen    30999 simonhope    5u      CHR              21,32       0t17     1073 /dev/tty.Airconsole-1

Simons-MacBook-Pro-2018:~ simonhope$ 

In this case the process 30999 has an active lock - so to reconnect with the screen program to the Airconsole LE tty line (with AirconsoleOSX running and connected), run following command:

screen -x 30999

(replacing the 30999 with whatever process number on your system has the Airconsole-1 locked)

To connect a different terminal program to the Airconsole LE, kill the screen process completely to stop it locking the Airconsole-1 tty line for other Apps.