Starting with firmware release 2.77, users can configure the Airconsole so that they can directly access the attached serial ports from SSH on port 22.

The requirements for this are:

- You are running firmware 2.77 or above

- You have SSH enabled (Admin->Authentication)

- You have SSH to Serial enabled (Serial->Advanced)

Here are the individual steps:

1. Ensure that SSH is enabled from Admin -> Authentication section of the web interface. You can also create new users or just use the default "admin" user, or configure for RADIUS/TACACS.

Note: The first time SSH is enabled it can take some time for the Airconsole to generate the host key so please be patient.

2. Make sure the SSH to Serial feature is enabled from Serial->Advanced

3. SSH to serial is now activated on port 22 as well as the configured ports in step 2.

You should SSH to the Airconsole on port 22 using a valid username, followed by a colon, followed by the port index you want - e.g. 1, 2, 3, ... upto "12" for a 12 port Airconsole TS

e.g. admin:1@ would connect to the first serial port and admin:4@ would connect to the fourth, etc

Note: You can still directly SSH to the ports configured in step 2 - e.g. 4001 for the first serial port, 4002 for second, etc. In this case, just use a valid username and don't append a colon and port.

4. The screencap below shows how this works from the Mac terminal window. Note the difference between SSH-ing into the console/shell (first example) vs. connecting to the serial port (2nd example)

5. The screencaps below show how to make this work from PuTTY on Windows - note the Airconsole used for this example had an IP of

6. Note that the serial line settings such as baud, data/stop bits, parity, flow control will be the default values configured for the port. These should be set in the Airconsole web interface before connecting via SSH