See the linked video for details on setting up (pairing) and using Airconsole via Bluetooth on Windows

Windows 10:

Windows 8.1:


* The updated Bluetooth stacks on Windows 8.1 and above support Bluetooth in dual-mode using two enumerators; this can cause confusion as the Airconsole will appear twice in the device list! Make sure you pair with the EDR enumerator and not the LE enumerator as the LE version will not work (no serial ports will be created)

* Airconsole is only tested to work with the Microsoft Bluetooth stack (although may work with others)

* If your Windows PC is part of a domain you may have trouble installing COM ports and require help from your network administrator (group policy can prevent the install of COM ports)

To troubleshoot further you can open Device Manager to see exactly what is going on

1. How to determine if I am running a dual stack?

The simplest way to determine this is if you see two entries for the same Airconsole in the Bluetooth device list. The definitive way is to view Device Manager and open the Bluetooth node. If you see two enumerators (Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator) then you are running dual-mode stack. (See picture below)


2. How to determine if I am running the Microsoft stack?

In the Device Manager (see screenshot above) look for the words "Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator". Anything else if likely a different Bluetooth stack

3. How can I tell if I paired with the LE vs EDR enumerator?

WRONG stack - solution - unpair the device and start again


Correct stack - COM ports should be created


4. Determining correct COM port to connect to

Open the Devices & Printers window in Windows Explorer and locate the paired Airconsole. double click and view the property sheet - in this example the COM port is COM33



Windows 8.1/10 Further Troubleshooting

The most common reason for this process above to not work is when your Windows PC joins with Airconsole via the LE enumerator. You remove the Airconsole device and try again but it cannot discover on the EDR (Classic Bluetooth 2.1) - or connects again on the LE enumerator. This is because the Airconsole has now put its Bluetooth dongle into LE mode rather than EDR mode. If this happens then do the following:

1) Remove the Airconsole device from Windows Devices and Printers

2) in Windows Device Manager DISABLE (temporarily) the Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator. Note this might make other Windows LE devices like mouse stop working until you re-enable it after completing this process

3) Completely power cycle your Airconsole, and wait until the blue light flashes on the white bluetooth dongle. This is important as takes the Airconsole bluetooth dongle out of LE mode and back to "can work on either EDR or LE mode - whichever connects first" mode.

4) In Windows Devices and Printers, do discovery (Add a device) and your Airconsole should show up this time and accept pairing. It will create COM ports so long as this is allowed by your Windows security settings, antivirus programs or other software that can interfere with creating COM ports.

5) If 2 COM ports are created, connect to the the one that says OUTGOING port from your terminal app (i.e. Putty).

6) Once it is working, re-enable your Microsoft Bluetooth LE Enumerator so that your other LE devices can work again.