This firmware is optimised for Airconsole 2.0, sold since October 2014. It may not install on earlier Airconsole devices. For Airconsole's purchased prior to October 2014, the latest supported firmware is version 2.60 also available on this website. You can attempt to install v2.65 + versions on Airconsole's older than October 2014 however if the Airconsole does not boot and has a solid RED LED on top after the install then please revert to version 2.60 via the TFTP recovery process as found here: TFTP Recovery

Please download and install the latest 2.86 firmware for your Airconsole and Airconsole TS

Note: As per the instructions, The firmware must be loaded onto a FAT32 formatted USB stick. The USB stick must be formatted with the Master Boot Record (MBR) style of partition table. Do not format with GUID (GPT) partition table or the Airconsole will not recognise the files on the stick. Windows 10 now natively formats in GUID, so an external program such as Rufus maybe needed to format with MBR type.

install instructions are also below.

Notes on release 2.86

- fix for RADIUS auth failing on SSH connections if local user not present

Notes on release 2.85

- change default WPA2 encryption type from mixed to AES

Notes on release 2.84

- updates to support TLS1.2 for embedded web server

Notes on release 2.83

 - fix for SSH as ciphers updated

 - support for USB-C cables to devices such as Checkpoint firewalls that have CP2102N serial chips

 - other bug fixes for hardware flow control over bluetooth LE

Notes on release 2.82

- fix issue with connection lockout when using both Bluetooth EDR and LE at the same time

- fix issue with SSH tunnelling authentication via password/keyboard-interactive and via 4096bit RSA key

Notes on release v2.81

- Add support for more 3G/4G modems

- Security fixes

- Support for routed station mode

- Many other improvements

Notes on release v2.80

- New support for Serial over BLE reliable vs fast option (see Serial->Advanced on Airconsole web admin page to set)

- Supports multiple ports connections over BLE - ie Airconsole TS4 you can now access all 4 ports concurrently over BLE. In the past only 1 port was available via BLE, while all ports were available via WIFI/LAN (IP).

- HTTPS improvements

- Initial Support for SSH Tunnelling serial connections

- improve discovery by mDNS

- correct MAC address duplication and allow custom setting of mac for the br0 interface for some Airconsoles (Allow choosing br0 MAC by setting nvram parameter br_hwaddr=xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx - note MAC must be same as one of member interfaces or otherwise ignored)

- Updates to WIFI driver to support failback

- Increase reliability of AES connections from Airconsole

- Remove license check from Airconsole for AES connections - paper license only required for connecting Airconsole to AES server. There is no longer any requirement for Airconsole to have an internet connection on first attempt to share with AES server. This means Airconsole and AES server can be on completely private networks right from initial commissioning.

- Add watchdog support for auto-rebooting Airconsole and Airconsole TS on any crash. Enable manually via nvram settings.

- Add support for top command to CLI

- Security fixes

Notes on release v2.77

- Many Bluetooth Low Energy improvements and fixes.

- Add web option to enable/disable SSH/Telnet ports from WAN

- If SSH admin enabled and SSH serial port access enabled, allow SSH to user:serialport@IP to access serial port instead of shell

- Security fixes for TLS modules

- Support for Pantech 3G/ 4G / LTE modems for connecting Airconsole to AES via mobile wireless

- Improve support for long / complicated WPA2 keys

- Various formatting / typo fixes ub web interface

- Add some limited (manual) support for Airconsole Web interface to run in SSL mode.

- Add support for ZTE based 3G/4G modems

- Allow SSL certificate import from web interface

- Update FTDI driver to include FT-X based USB-Serial adaptors

Notes on release v2.76

- Fixes a bug that causes packet loss on 4 Port cables running at 115200 baud

- Fixes a bug with SSH access to ports other than serial port 1

Notes on release v2.75

- Web terminal improvements

- Support auto-rollback on future firmware upgrades

- Allow firmware upgrade from any partition on USB stick

- Fix bug in Web terminal preventing setting 7 databits

- Add support for ch341 USB Serial Adaptors (Winchiphead H341)

- Add diagnostics download to Admin

- Support for 3G/4G USB modems - use 3G/4G modem to tunnel serial port to remote AES server

- Fix XSS Security vulnerabilities

- Improve support for Bluetooth 2.1 SPP

Notes on release v2.70

- Support for AES v2.0+ Server connections

- Support for Airconsole TS multiport

- Support configuration of Airconsole via free Bluetooth App (coming soon to app store)

- Add CDP/LLDP support over LAN port - Airconsole will now show up in CDP neighbours on Cisco switches

- Enable Radius, TACACS authentication support

- Allow remote reboot command from AES

- Local user management and user accounts

- Add syslog viewer page to web interface

- Add syslog support for Airconsole OS

- Fixup NTP Bug

- Add VID/PID for Telegesys ETRX2USB (cp210x) USB Serial cables

- Add TCP Raw-Serial M2M mode (useful for tunnelling remote Airconsole to listening HWG VSP)

- Add support for custom baud/line settings per serial port (for multiport cable)

- Allow m2m-client to send UDP packets to the BROADCAST address

- Add multi-port BT support to Bluetooth EDR/Classic connections

- Add remote firmware upgrade/downgrade support from AES server

- Other stuff we have forgotten, but it was all good.