Attached is the AES_updater_v2.1.rar file to update your original AES 2.x installation to the 2.2 version

Notes for 2.2 release

 - Background logging now available for sessions that do not have a terminal connected

 - Auto-Email background logs when reach certain size or time

 - Remotely upgrade Airconsole firmware over the air

 - Many Bug Fixes

Notes for 2.1 release

- Supports latest Airconsole / Airconsole TS firmware 2.70

- Fixes bugs with downloading scripts

- Supports remote log file upload from Get Console applications

- More reliable remote reconfiguration of Airconsole

- Fixes issue with enrolling wildcard SSL certificate

This update package can only be applied to version 2.0. To apply go to Settings cog top right then scroll to Manual update:

Select Update file and upload

Confirm update and then wait for around 5 minutes before trying to login to AES server again.