To connect your Airconsole's serial port to an external serial port server (e.g. a Linux server running socat) you should enable the Machine to Machine feature in "Raw Serial (TCP)" mode.

From the Airconsole web interface choose Remote Access -> Machine to Machine.

- Check the "Enabled" checkbox

- Choose "TCP (Raw Serial)" from the protocol dropdown

- Enter the serial server IP address and port

- Press Apply

The M2M feature will then attempt to

1. Connect to the local serial port on the Airconsole - this will terminate any existing sessions

2. Connect out to the configured serial server

3. Bridge serial data in both directions between the two ports

If the connection fails (either on the TCP side or the Airconsole serial port side), it will continuously retry the connection.

Note: Only one client can be active at a time on a given Airconsole serial port - either M2M client, or a telnet/rawserial/Bluetooth/etc client.

The current status of the M2M mode can be seen on the Airconsole home page near the bottom.

If you are creating your own serial port server using socat an example command line may be:

socat tcp-l:1234,reuseaddr file:/dev/ttyUSB1

(this is an example for testing/debugging only - for daemon mode on a server you would likely want to configure a fork option, etc)