Airconsole Firmware Recovery Utility


This tool is designed to re-install working firmware on Airconsole units that have failed a web-based firmware upgrade

and no longer boot; it should not be used on Airconsole units that successfully boot.

Typical symptoms are that the web-based firmware updater will either report an error (or complete), but once the Airconsole

is powered off and on it won't boot and the red LED is solid. This can happen if trying to upgrade an earlier than October 2014 Airconsole to firmware version 2.70 or higher. Version 2.70 is not officially supported on hardware earlier than October 2014 - although often it will work. We do not accept warranty claims for Airconsole's purchased prior to October 2014 failing to run Firmware 2.70+

To run the recovery Tool you will need:

- a Mac running OSX or a Windows PC running Windows 7 or later

- an ethernet cable to attach from your PC directly to the Airconsole

- a valid firmware image - available at 

- Note if you have been attempting to upgrade your Airconsole to 2.65 or 2.70 from 2.60, please restore version 2.60 rather than attempt to re-install 2.65 again. Version 2.60 firmware is available on this site



- Power off the Airconsole

- Connect your Airconsole ethernet port directly to your PC

- Set the IP address of your PC to

- Extract this package into a new folder along with the firmware image you want to install

- Open a command prompt / terminal in this folder


- run the command 'sudo ./recovery_osx airconsole-2.65-web.bin'


- run the command 'recovery_win.exe airconsole-2.65-web.bin'

- if prompted with a firewall warning, accept both Private *and* Public networks

- Whilst holding in the small reset button on the side of the Airconsole with a paperclip, turn the power on

- Both the red and blue LEDs on the Airconsole will appear solid

- The recovery process will start and progress will be shown in the terminal/command prompt window

- Wait until the recovery program instructs you to restart the Airconsole - this typically takes 1-2 minutes

- Once the upgrade is complete, your unit should now boot as normal



'bind: Permission denied' - the recovery process needs to listen on a low numbered port. You need to run the command as root/sudo

'bind: Address already in use' - stop any TFTP server you already have running on your PC and try again

Recovery process won't start (stuck at 'Waiting for recovery request')

- ensure that your PC IP address is set to

- when applying power to the Airconsole, ensure that you are holding down the reset button and both red and blue LEDs light solid

- ensure that your firewall is not blocking traffic on port 69

'Invalid firmware image' - the firmware file you are trying to install is corrupt. Get a valid image from

For further support please visit