The easiest and most full-featured app on iOS for interacting with the Airconsole serial port is GetConsole.

For some people, using either of this app may not be an option, so here are some alternatives (many of which are free) to connect to the Airconsole over WiFi.

Note that some of the methods support dynamic serial line setting changes and others don't (they just use the default values configured)

- You can use Safari on your iPad/iPhone to visit and interact with a VT100 terminal emulator connected to the serial port [replace the IP address with the actual IP address of your Airconsole].

- You can use the terminal emulator of your choice to connect to on port 3696 (telnet) or 2167 (raw serial). For most terminal programs you would create a telnet session but instead of connecting to port 23, change the port to 3696.

- You can use an SSH client of your choice to connect to on port 4001 (ssh). Note that this feature needs to be configured on the Airconsole web interface (Serial -> Advanced)

- You can use your Websockets client of choice (e.g. Safari or a different 3rd party application) to connect to the Airconsole using Websockets.

- If you have programming skills you can write your own application to interact with the Airconsole using the freely available SDKs at (or alternatively suggest to the developers of your favourite terminal program that they add support for Airconsole)