Here is the latest IOS SDK version 1.66:

This SDK can be used for implementing serial device support into other developers iOS applications. The attached package includes some documentation, a sample app and the code you'll need to drop in to your Xcode project. The SDK supports Airconsole 2.0 (all versions), Airconsole TS and Airconsole LE.

Please note for iOS14 Local Network Privacy feature you will need to enable Bonjour Services in your App's Info.plist. The Airconsole advertises using the mDNS key _telnetcpcd._tcp

Release notes:

This is the Airconsole SDK. Documentation can be found in the /doc folder.

/lib/ contains the static library and header file for building apps

/doc/ contains the SDK documentation

/redpark/ contains source code to a helper class for existing apps using RscMgr

/AirconsoleDemo/ contains a sample Xcode application showing how to use the features of the SDK, now also including Swift example app.


- 2020-09-25 (1.66)

include build for arm64 simulator. Add note to documentation regarding iOS14 Local Network privacy permissions

- 2020-06-17 (1.65)

remove API mis-use warning if Bluetooth has been disabled

- 2018-06-19 (1.64)

fix potential race condition calling session disconnect whilst still connecting to BLE device

- 2017-08-29 (1.63)

add battery level monitoring to supported devices

Official support for Airconsole LE (all variants).

- 2017-03-22 (1.62)
fix various bugs: WiFi deviceRemoved notifications, spurious sessionDidOverflow, ordering of connect/immediate disconnection notifications when cable unplugged

- 2017-02-12 (1.61)
add session authentication support

- 2016-10-06 (1.60)

Add support for multi-port concurrent BLE to Airconsole-TS (requires Airconsole 2.80)

Add hardware revision to AirconsoleDevice

Add signature field to AirconsoleSession

Also Airconsole 2.80 firmware supports Reliable vs Fast BLE transfers. Select this option in Airconsole - it is transparent to the SDK.

- 2016 - 2 -18 (1.55)

Added support for BLE connection timeout

- 2015-12-02

Added demo app written in Swift (port of existing demo application)

- 2015-10-15 (1.54)

Detection of deviceType for BLE devices

- 2015-09-18 (1.53)

Add Bitcode support for XCode 7

- 2015-04-16 (1.52)

Change AirconsoleMgr scanning behaviour. Device list is cleared only when starting a scan, BT scanning is not stopped when connecting to BT device (developer should manually stop if required for power saving)

- 2014-11-13

Add support for multi-port Airconsole

- 2014-08-14

Update BLE support

- 2014-07-20

Add Bluetooth Low Energy support

- 2014-06-25

Updated Demo project to be Storyboard based.

- 2014-06-17

Update library with application-level keep-alives (helps to detect disconnected sessions faster)

- 2014-05-30

Update library to handle potential issue with write errors

- 2014-04-03

Update static library to include x86_64 slice (for simulator)

- 2014-03-24

Update static library to include arm64 slice

- 2014-02-21

Update to demo app to support iOS7 (text send/receive window was obscured)

- September 2013

Initial revision