For Serial connectivity issues with Redpark cables, please see the attached flowchart.

Note that this flowchart was made for Get Console 1.x user interface, but the green/grey indicator referenced in the flow chart now applies to the new indicator top right:

 = Not connected

 = Connected

Get Console works with the following cables from Redpark:

On iPhone 3GS/4 = C2-RJ45

On iPhone 4/4S = C2-RJ45V

On iPhone 5 onward = L2-RJ45V. The C2-RJ45V cable can also be used with the official Apple 30pin-to-Lightning adaptor. Clone adaptors do NOT work as they do not correctly pass the serial pins through to the 30pin connector.

The detailed serial troubleshooting menu is still available in Get Console 2.0 and later. It is reached by pressing and holding the  button for 3 seconds.