This guide provides an overview of how to make serial connections via Airconsole from the SerialBot app.

SerialBot is a simple terminal application that provides VT100 terminal emulation for Telnet, SSH and Serial connections. Serial connections are made via the Airconsole Serial over WIFI/Bluetooth adaptor.

SerialBot has been optimised to use the Airconsole adaptor for building RS232 serial terminal connections. SerialBot can make connections to Airconsole over either WIFI or Bluetooth 2.1

Before Launching SerialBot

Prior to launching SerialBot, the Airconsole adaptor should powered on and connected to your Serial equipment. The Airconsole LEDs should look like this. The Android device should then be joined to Airconsole via either WIFI or Bluetooth. This is to ensure that once SerialBot has been launched it has access via the underlying Android OS to reach the Airconsole Adaptor. The below shows how to join Airconsole via WIFI on Android 4.4 (Nexus 7).

General SerialBot Operation

Once the Airconsole-XX WIFI network has been joined, launch the SerialBot App. Like Get Console, SerialBot uses mDNS to discover the IP address of the Airconsole. The first Airconsole discovered will be connected via the "Serial-WIFI" connection type.

SerialBot launches to the host selection screen. This provides a list of previously connected hosts and allows at bottom left to initiate a new connection. To restore a previous (recent) connection tap on the connection itself at the top of the screen.

For Serial connections, SerialBot uses a defined connection syntax: [Baudrate]-[Databits][Parity][Stopbits]. For example use 9600-8N1 for 9600 Baud, 8 Databits, No Parity, 1 Stopbit. If any parameters are missing the default values will apply. To configure optional flow control the following keywords can also be added:

"HW" = RTS/CTS Hardware Flow Control

"SW" = XON/XOFF Software Flow Control

For example, the connection string to use to connect at 57600, 8Bit, Even parity, 1 Stopbit with RTS/CTS flow control would be 57600-8E1HW

Use the VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons to increase font size 

Within a terminal session it is also possible to send the "Break" sequence. This is useful when (for example) doing password recovery on Cisco switches and routers. To invoke break tap anywhere in the terminal view, and then on top right expose the dropdown menu where the "Send Break" option is.

Back at the the initial Host screen it is possible to view the connection properties of backgrounded or previously saved connections. Press and hold on each item from the Host list to view and or change its parameters. 

Note that if you create another Serial connection with the same baud rate it is better to disconnect and delete the first Serial connection to ensure that the new settings are used.

SerialBot Bluetooth Connectivity to Airconsole

Connecting to Airconsole via Bluetooth on Android requires pairing with Airconsole first. If there are any previous pairings with Airconsole please UNPAIR these old pairings before creating new ones. The Bluetooth pairing is configured in the Android OS settings. Once the pairing is successful, then launch SerialBot and choose the "serial-bt" connection type to connect to the Serial port over Bluetooth