This can also manifest itself as an instant disconnection after connecting to Airconsole serial port.

Both symptoms can mean the Airconsole hasn't detected the USB-Serial cable because its VID/PID has changes when the cable was connected to a Windows 8.1 PC.

A recent Windows 8.1 automatic update had the effect of replacing the FTDI driver - replacing the FTDI 2.10 driver with version 2.12. This 2.12 driver update can cause the USB/Serial cable to be reprogrammed to have a different VID/PID. Which in turn means that it won't be correctly detected by Airconsole.

This Windows update has been pulled by Microsoft but for a short period it has caused certain cables to be effectively bricked.

Our cables only use genuine FTDI components, but a small number made in late 2013 have still been affected.

We have now released new firmware that fixes this issue - version 2.55 - please visit Airconsole Page to download the latest Airconsole Firmware package.

If you have symptoms of immediate disconnects in Airconsole connections where it previously worked fine, and have recently connected the cable to a Windows PC, chances are you are hitting this issue.

Please update the firmware on your Airconsole to 2.55 and the cable will work again.