Here is the latest IOS SDK version 1.65:

This SDK can be used for implementing serial device support into other developers iOS applications. The attached package includes some documentation, a sample app and the code you'll need to drop in to your Xcode project. The SDK supports Airconsole 2.0 (all versions), Airconsole TS and Airconsole LE.

Release notes:

This is the Airconsole SDK. Documentation can be found in the /doc folder.

/lib/ contains the static library and header file for building apps

/doc/ contains the SDK documentation

/redpark/ contains source code to a helper class for existing apps using RscMgr

/AirconsoleDemo/ contains a sample Xcode application showing how to use the features of the SDK, now also including Swift example app.


- 2020-06-17 (1.65)

remove API mis-use warning if Bluetooth has been disabled

- 2018-06-19 (1.64)

fix potential race condition calling session disconnect whilst still connecting to BLE device

- 2017-08-29 (1.63)

add battery level monitoring to supported devices

Official support for Airconsole LE (all variants).

- 2017-03-22 (1.62)
fix various bugs: WiFi deviceRemoved notifications, spurious sessionDidOverflow, ordering of connect/immediate disconnection notifications when cable unplugged

- 2017-02-12 (1.61)
add session authentication support

- 2016-10-06 (1.60)

Add support for multi-port concurrent BLE to Airconsole-TS (requires Airconsole 2.80)

Add hardware revision to AirconsoleDevice

Add signature field to AirconsoleSession

Also Airconsole 2.80 firmware supports Reliable vs Fast BLE transfers. Select this option in Airconsole - it is transparent to the SDK.

- 2016 - 2 -18 (1.55)

Added support for BLE connection timeout

- 2015-12-02

Added demo app written in Swift (port of existing demo application)

- 2015-10-15 (1.54)

Detection of deviceType for BLE devices

- 2015-09-18 (1.53)

Add Bitcode support for XCode 7

- 2015-04-16 (1.52)

Change AirconsoleMgr scanning behaviour. Device list is cleared only when starting a scan, BT scanning is not stopped when connecting to BT device (developer should manually stop if required for power saving)

- 2014-11-13

Add support for multi-port Airconsole

- 2014-08-14

Update BLE support

- 2014-07-20

Add Bluetooth Low Energy support

- 2014-06-25

Updated Demo project to be Storyboard based.

- 2014-06-17

Update library with application-level keep-alives (helps to detect disconnected sessions faster)

- 2014-05-30

Update library to handle potential issue with write errors

- 2014-04-03

Update static library to include x86_64 slice (for simulator)

- 2014-03-24

Update static library to include arm64 slice

- 2014-02-21

Update to demo app to support iOS7 (text send/receive window was obscured)

- September 2013

Initial revision