This document describes the progression of the Airconsole LED Lights. Use this to determine the status of your Airconsole.

Normal Operation from power on the Airconsole LED will progress through following states.

Airconsole Power on Self Test Solid Red LED for few seconds then No LED: 
Airconsole Booting O/S Slow Blue Blinking
Airconsole WIFI Started, Normal Operation Intermittent Blue blinking

Note when booting Airconsole for the first time after firmware upgrade the boot process will take around 1 minute rather than 30 seconds. The LED progression will go through Solid Red, Off, Solid Red, Solid Blue, Slow Blue Blinking, then finally intermittent blue blinking.

Failure LED States:

Airconsole Crashed or very low power Faint Blue LED, or Faint Blue and Red LED - not blinking Charge the Airconsole for about 20 mins with power switch in off position, then Power Cycle Airconsole.
Airconsole No Firmware Present Solid Red LED that does not change Contact Support or use TFTP Recovery to restore previously working firmware.
Earlier Airconsoles will not support the latest firmware. Please review Firmware "Readme.txt"
Airconsole No Power No LED when power switch moved to R position Charge up Airconsole via charging cable.
Airconsole should be charged in OFF position

Other LED information

Airconsole Flashing Firmware Red Slow Blinking
Bluetooth Dongle Ready Intermittent Blue blinking on the BT Dongle itself
Battery Power Indicator 1 bar = less than 30min remaining
2 bar = less than 1 hour remaining
3 bar = 1-2 hours
4 bar = 3 hours plus remaining

In addition, when micro USB charging cable is connected to Airconsole there is a small blue light that will activate to indicate battery is charging. It takes approximately 25 minutes of charging per battery indicator bar. If no small blue LED is visible when connecting charging cable, check power supply is 1A or greater, and also ensure microUSB charging cable is secure.